Meme token - what is it? Recommendations for promotion in the crypto market.

In this article, we will look at a detailed strategy that will allow you to popularize your asset and perhaps your startup will be the one to win recognition on the global stage and audience loyalty.

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Meme coin as a marketing tool for Web3

In today's digital world, where the Internet permeates every aspect of our lives, memes have become an integral part of our culture. With the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, memes have also found their place in this new environment, being embodied in the form of meme tokens. A meme token is a cryptocurrency asset that is based on comic or popular Internet memes. Such an asset class is a kind of marketing engine for Web3 and helps to further popularize the crypto market among new users.

Examples of successful meme tokens

Before we delve into the details, let's recall some successful examples of meme tokens that have been able to gain popularity and attract the attention of the crypto community. This includes projects such as Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Floki, Pepe, Bonk, dogwifhat. All of them have become icons in the world of meme tokens, attracting a huge number of users and investors so far.

What's the secret and why are they so popular?

The secret to the success of meme tokens lies in their ability to elicit an emotional response from the audience. They are not only comic assets, but also have the potential for explosive growth. This makes them attractive to those who are looking for a high income in the short term.

These are asset growth statistics for the entire period of existence on the market (data was fixed on March 21st, 2024):

Dogecoin (DOGE) - 27472% growth in 9 years
Shiba Inu (SHIBA) - 2035742% growth in 4 years
Pepe (PEPE) - 14106% growth in 1 year
FLOKI (FLOKI) - 6067% growth in 3 years
dogwifhat (WIF) - 1288% growth in a few months
Bonk (BONK) - 20879% growth in a year and a half

Advantages and disadvantages of these assets

It can be easily created

Unlike fundamental projects such as Cosmos, Polkadot and others, in its tokens, the founders do not resort to complex developments. It's enough to turn on your originality and pick up a comic person and you're in a big game.

High audience engagement through memes

Memes attract attention and evoke emotions, which contributes to high audience engagement. The modern public does not like difficult technical terms and takes a long time to figure out anything, it is easier for them to buy a simple asset and earn tomorrow, and meme coins are ideal for this picture of the world.

Viral marketing

Memes are easily distributed online, which makes them an effective tool for viral marketing. Such a HYPE seeks to get a lot of startups, but meme tokens do it much more successfully. The only open question remains, how will you keep the audience?

Huge profitability in a short period of time

These assets are very volatile and some of them can provide their holders with huge returns in just a short time. There are many success stories in the Internet space, when an ordinary user bought $100 worth of meme tokens and after a short period of time got a large capital.

Meme marketing has a short-term effect

In most cases, marketing in this sector is limited to short-term effects and does not always bring stable results. The audience comes here exclusively for fast money, so it is important to keep it and turn it into a more loyal one through the introduction of other products.

High competition

The meme market is crowded and every project is fighting for a place in the sun, so the ratings here are unstable due to fierce competition. One meme asset replaces another and liquidity constantly flows from hand to hand and only the one with more advanced marketing and an original idea remains in the game.

A lot of scammers

Due to the huge influx of investment capital, this sector attracts a lot of scammers who create projects for the purpose of quick personal enrichment, so if you are an investor and like extreme investments, make a certain checklist for yourself to analyze this asset class to increase the probability of finding a potential gem instead of losing funds.

How to promote meme coins and what tools to use?

If you have good intentions and really want to market your token, what tools should you apply in your strategy to succeed? Let's take a look at the most relevant ones for this type of project.

Uniting the three whales: packaging, trend, idea

Make sure you have a presentable and modern website design, a thoughtful meme concept that will intertwine with current trends in the market, whether it's AI, the Solana ecosystem, L2 or something else. It all depends on your mindfulness and ability to sense trends.

It could be modern images generated in neural networks, which will serve as a great way to stand out in the market.

It could be your customized memes, gifs, emoji or videos with celebrities and positive voices that can potentially spark viral marketing.

Smart contract audit

Security has a key role and it is very important to audit a smart contract before launch. The audit will help avoid the risk of the contract being hacked and at the same time increase investor confidence in the project.

Social media packaging

It is crucial to actively utilize social media to build community and promote your brand. Take care that your social media channels are designed and filled with primary content before launching a token sale.

Launch of token sale

Get ready to meet the first investors, for this purpose carefully and correctly prepare a page on the Launchpad, allocate some funds for liquidity, make sure you have audits of smart contracts ready, announce the start of sales.

Tier-1 Crypto Influencers

Make sure you have enough private groups and influencers to promote your project in the first phase. Collaborating with influential communities to expand your audience and increase trust is an important step for a successful market entry. With Influencers and all the tools in this article, our team is ready to help anytime.

Community management

Organize community managers who will advise the audience and help create additional information noise about the sales launch in the other target groups. This tool should not be neglected, as it will greatly contribute to strengthening the brand.

Promotion through crypto influencers on Twitter (X)

Make a selection of target accounts on Twitter in advance and announce the token sale through Influencers. As practice shows, this social platform has the largest audience who are interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in general.

Listing on decentralized exchanges (DEX)

The next step will be listing on decentralized exchanges (DEX), this allows participants to freely trade assets without intermediaries and gives the project additional decentralization and independence.

Market Makers

Part of the money should be spent on intermediate marketing, and part should be spent on market makers, whose experts will draw a chart and demonstrate a healthy and organic silhouette of token growth. In addition, hiring market makers helps ensure liquidity and trading stability.

Meme token marketing in Telegram

The next events on your roadmap should be promoted through mass dms mailings, which are great for building brand awareness. They can also be various chatbot funnels and native publications from the Influencers Telegram community.

Coin meme listing on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko

Organize a listing on aggregators and popular cryptocurrency resources and once you appear there, it will help attract additional attention of investors and traders. Take care of your reputation in advance and motivate the internal community to write positive reviews about your token on these portals.

Unique Youtube Shorts with your brand

Meme coins are about your creativity, therefore creating original YouTube Shorts will help you attract additional traffic. Think about your own unique style of content that has the potential be viral in search. Hire a writer and create a content plan with a humorous storyline months in advance.

Launching Youtube crypto bloggers

Collaboration with crypto bloggers on YouTube to create content about the meme token and its benefits. This is an extremely important step to book the media field in search, because there is high competition in this sector and new projects are born every day.

Listing on centralized exchanges (CEX)

Listing on large centralized exchanges allows to increase liquidity and attract new investors.

Launch of the Ambassador Program

The next step would be to recruit ambassadors to promote the project in different countries and communities to further strengthen the brand and expand its scale. This can be achieved by launching a reward program for content creators and at the same time it will help to identify dedicated patriots within the project.

Conducting AMA sessions

Almost always, meme creators remain anonymous, and AMA sessions in video format are not popular, but are still at least held in text or audio format. This will also increase trust from the audience, and organizing regular «Ask Me Anything» sessions is important for strengthening the community. This can be done by bringing in ambassadors from around the world to talk about the roadmap and answer questions about the project.

Creating press releases and publications in cryptocurrency media

Distributing press releases and articles about the meme token in major cryptocurrency media is important to attract public attention and increase recognition in the long term. The texts can be framed through the top picks of tokens to invest in and natively list your asset or immediately create press releases mentioning the listing or highlighting any other event. If a token has shown good growth in the last week, this is also a great reason to create a press release thread.

Creating image promotional video to strengthen the brand

Creating a quality promotional video using animation and special effects to strengthen the brand and attract new users is also a good idea. Here it is important to choose the appropriate style, a good example is demonstrated by FLOKI, whose promo video deserves a separate kind of art, where the concept is thought out to the depth.

Targeted advertising

Use targeted social media advertising to increase your target audience and conversions. This can include advertising on Twitter, setting up and running Telegram Ads, banner ads on cryptocurrency portals.

Organization of giveaways and various quests

Conducting giveaways with prizes and organizing interesting quests will strengthen the internal community and allow to retain it. Giveaways can be in different formats, from comment contests to snapshots among holders and launching creative meme challenges.

Crowd marketing

As soon as you build up a loyal audience, you can leverage your army of fans as a crowd marketing tool to spread information in comments in Twitter accounts' posts where there is a mention of your meme token. Also, this can include a variety of cryptocurrency forums and aggregators, videos by popular youtube bloggers, and so on.

Time Square advertising

Times Square advertising is a powerful tool to attract attention among both the crypto community and the general public. It is perhaps the next step in promotion when the goal is to maximize scale. Regularity and combination with other promotion channels such as media, Giveaways, Twitter, YouTube Influencers are important here, which will only enhance and emphasize the event.

TikTok generation Z loves memes

To consolidate the effect of advertising on Time Square, you can launch Generation Z through content creation on the TikTok platform. This age audience is eager to consume memes and this asset class is popular here.

Native advertising of meme koin through Instagram bloggers

Since we have already started to fully popularize meme coin, next we launch bloggers in Instagram with a large number of followers and promote the project natively through stories, where you can get a very wide coverage and in general there is a solvent audience.

Collaborations with other crypto projects

While scaling, don't forget to grow partnerships with relevant companies and startups to exchange audiences and organize joint promotions. One such example is the ambitious Salsa Valley project, whose product is perfect for collaborating with memes.

Sponsorship and charity

Participation in charity events and sponsorship of various initiatives help to strengthen the project's position in the community and build trust among users. This can include integration into sporting events or support for cryptocurrency events. It is important to select an audience where there is viewer traffic both offline and online.

Collaborations with celebrities

Cooperation with famous persons and celebrities helps to draw attention to the project and expand its audience. It is important to find those who are loyal to cryptocurrencies and ready to launch integration.

What is effective for strengthening the meme coin community?


The GameFi sector is booming and creating a Play-to-Earn product will help support the community. In the future, play events and contests can be organized within the community to strengthen the friendly atmosphere and the brand as a whole.


Creating a metaverse around a meme token where participants can interact and create content based on a common theme is also a great monetization. One such example is Valhalla.

Online education

Organizing online educational events and courses to engage participants in learning more about the cryptocurrency world and investing.

Staking program

Staking of the meme token will allow holders to earn additional income and it will serve as a motivation to hold on their assets.

Burning of emissions

Regularly burning of token issuance will reduce the overall supply of the asset in the market and boost its price in the future, which is beneficial to its holders.

Cooperation with competent marketers

To effectively promote a meme token, do not neglect cooperation with marketers who have experience working with cryptocurrency projects and understand the specifics of this sphere. We, represented by the «MuRR agency» team, will help you develop a promotion strategy, identify the target audience and choose the optimal tools to achieve your goals.
Contact us via the brief form, we are ready to help with promotion.
Creating and promoting a meme token in the cryptocurrency market is a complex and multifaceted process that requires a comprehensive approach and constant attention to market changes and audience needs. However, with the right approach and the use of effective tools, a meme token can become not only a source of entertainment, but also a successful investment asset.


Meme tokens represent a unique opportunity as a marketing tool and, in general, from cycle to cycle help to attract new audiences to the cryptocurrency market and expand the user community both globally and the popularity of your project. However, in order to achieve success, it is necessary to conduct a qualitative analysis of the concept, develop a customized promotion strategy and actively engage with the audience. This is the only way to achieve a high degree of recognition and popularity of the meme token in the cryptocurrency market.

Unique FAQs

— How do you create your own meme token?
— For creating your own meme token you need to analyze popular memes, develop a unique concept and a blockchain-based contract.
— What are the risks of investing in meme tokens?
— Risks of investing include high market volatility, the possibility of fraud and loss of investment if the project fails.
— What role do communities have in promoting meme tokens?
— Communities have an important role in creating popularity and liquidity of meme tokens by actively participating in their promotion and distribution.
— How to choose the right marketing tools for meme token promotion?
— To choose the right marketing tools, you need to analyze your target audience, identify their preferences, and select appropriate platforms and communication channels.
— What are the prospects for meme tokens in the future?
— Mem tokens have the potential for further advancement and growth, especially in the context of the development of the cryptocurrency market and the increasing interest in digital assets among the general public.
If you have any questions or need help with promoting your meme coin, don't hesitate to contact our team. We are always happy to help and assist with all of the above promotion channels!

Date of update: 25.03.2024

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