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Popular NFT Influencers

Cryptocurrency has become more popular and mainstream in recent years, and Twitter has contributed significantly to this trend, which has led to an explosive growth in the number of cryptocurrency influencers. Crypto influencers on Twitter have impacted the conversation about cryptocurrencies, using their experience and reputation to inform new projects and technological advancements.

Beeple - Mike Winkelmann

Mike Winkelman, also known as Beeple, is a digital artist, animator and graphic designer best known for creating and selling unalterable assets. He is a renowned digital artist who became famous for selling one of the most expensive NFTs at Christie's auction titled "Every Day: the First 5,000 Days". This artwork sold for an incredible £69 million, making Beeple very famous and his digital art a "worldwide phenomenon". Judging by his strong presence on Twitter and Instagram, Beeple is now one of the biggest Influencers in the NFT world. His instagram account has 2.3 million followers.


Pranksy is a well-known pseudonymous investor in immutable tokens with the most extensive collection of immutable tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Pranksy is a well-known influencer in his field, so partnering with him would be awesome for many brands. NBA. Cryptokitties, Hashdemons, Noob, Stoner Cats, Art Blocks, etc. - are the major NFTs that Pranksy has invested in. He started investing with an amount of 600 dollars. His fortune is around 1 billion dollars. Apart from investing in cryptocurrency, he is the owner and co-founder of NFT Boxes, which brings together all quality NFT collectibles in one box worth 0.65 ETH and above. He has 436k followers on Twitter.

Real Miss NFT

Real Miss NFT is a digital enthusiast who is actively involved in educating the crypto community with her informative tweets and interactions with other influencers. In addition to investing in NFT and assets, she writes for NFT Plaza, a fast-growing news publication. Metamatics is her first crypto project that allows users to collect avatars from the meta universe and utilize Web3 on various platforms such as Decentraland, Sandbox and others. Real Miss NFT has 164k followers on Twitter.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the CEO of Vaynermedia and one of the top influencers on Twitter. He came into the spotlight in 2017 when he promoted his Cryptopunks art collection and sold them to celebrities like Mr. Beast and Logan Paul. In addition to promoting top unchangeable tokens, he also created his own collectibles, known as the Week Friends asset collection, which allows users to buy and sell VeeFriends. Vaynerchuk's artwork titled "Sensible Elephant" was sold for $412,500. He is a philanthropic investor and advisor to companies such as Uber, Birchbox, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many others. He regularly speaks at international conferences on entrepreneurship and technology. His Twitter account has 3.1 million followers and Instagram has 10 million followers.

Murat Pak

Murat Pak, currently known as Pak, is a digital artist, programmer and asset investor. He is an anonymous NFT artist who hides his real name and identity. He has been working in the related fields of digital art, programming, design and high technology for about twenty to twenty-five years. Some of the author's most notable projects and works include:

  • Archillect (archive - archive, intellect - intellect) - a bot for searching, processing and publishing various images on social networks.
  • Cloud Monument Dark (2020) - NFT that sold 3.5 ETH ($788 at the time of the transaction).
  • SuperRare and Project X - a series of non-interchangeable tokens.
  • Sotheby's Metaverse - Sotheby's own digital art marketplace.
  • Merge collection on the Nifty Gateway platform - available for sale only in December 2021, it brought the author almost 92 million dollars.

In a relatively short career, the enigmatic artist has set a new record for the sale of interchangeable tokens, earned $1.36 million on the image of the gray pixel alone and managed to work fruitfully with the recognized master Trevor Jones.Murat Pak's Twitter account has 376,600 followers.

Farokh Sarmad

Farokh Sarmad is the CEO of Goodlife Media Communications and one of the youngest crypto-authors in social media. He rose to fame through his participation in unmovable token rooms in the famous app Clubhouse. He recognized the potential of the app and partnered with his agency Clubhouse, hosting rooms that had nearly 6,000 people listening at a time. The young entrepreneur seized the opportunities and resources at the right time and now has nearly 50,000,000 monthly social media followers.His Twitter account has 347,500 followers.