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Telegram channel analytics services

In modern conditions, successful promotion of channels in Telegram is impossible without the use of analytics. If you are looking for a suitable channel for advertising, want to know the statistics of competing channels, or strive to improve the quality of your own blog, you should turn to specialized services.

Let's take a look at what parameters are used to evaluate Telegram channels and what tools for analyzing them exist nowadays.

Metrics by which Telegram channels are evaluated

  • Number of subscribers - number of users subscribed to the channel.
  • Subscriber growth - shows how relevant and interesting the published materials are to the audience.
  • Monthly reach - the number of views of all posts published during a month.
  • Coverage of one post - the average number of views of one post.
  • ERR (Engagement Rate by Reach) - shows the level of audience engagement and is expressed as a percentage. It is calculated using the formula: ERR = (views / subscribers) x 100%.
  • CCI (citation index) - evaluates the authority and popularity of the channel among users. It is a relative value depending on the quality of content, number of mentions and other factors.
  • Number of reposts on other platforms - an indicator of the popularity of materials published in the channel.
  • Posting frequency - the regularity of publishing materials. The optimal frequency of posting is chosen taking into account the topic of the channel.
  • Notifications - the number of subscribers who have enabled notifications about new posts. A high indicator of this parameter indicates that the audience is interested in the materials and they do not want to miss them, as well as that the posts are published with optimal frequency and do not bore users.
  • Audience quality - the percentage of active subscribers who regularly read posts.
Telegram channels can be analyzed using third-party online services and special bots. Their statistics are equal to a full-fledged marketing analysis.


The service provides detailed analytics for Telegram channels with a large set of useful tools. With Telemetr you can analyze the following indicators: overall dynamics of Telegram channels (shows the rating of the best ones), change in the number of subscribers, number of views, audience analytics by activity, gender and language, effectiveness of advertising publications, citation index, history of channel development by hours. There are free and paid packages, the latter providing full access to all analysis tools.


Introducing the next service for analyzing Telegram channels - TGStat. This service has a clear and user-friendly interface without having anything superfluous. It offers to familiarize yourself with the most popular channels and provides information about numbers - the number of subscribers and the opportunity to purchase advertising with the right target audience. TGStat also offers quality analytics at affordable prices.

The service offers many features, including full channel analytics, ad selection, and subscriber analysis. All in all, it has everything you need to work effectively on Telegram. The main advantages of TGStat include a large number of tools for analytics, a small subscription fee, a user-friendly interface and fast registration process, the ability to analyze a selected channel in detail, and positive feedback from live users.

TGStat provides analytics on various metrics, such as subscriber growth in dynamics for "today", "week" or "month", total reach and reach per publication, advertising reach, ERR, CCI, gender and language of subscribers. Once you pay for a subscription, you can use all the tools and find quality channels to attract traffic.

TGStat offers several tariffs, from the most budget-friendly to premium. Your choice of package will determine the tools available for your work. If you are looking for fast and efficient analytics with minimal errors, it is recommended to choose the premium plan. It is also possible to choose a tariff for individuals and legal entities.


Service for viewing Telegram channels statistics for a day, week, month, year.

The main metrics to analyze from Statoscope:

  • number of subscribers;
  • number of views and their dynamics over the past day;
  • number of posts;
  • quality index.

Access to the service is free of charge.

This platform is designed for Telegram channel owners and offers many features. In the "Analytics" section, you will be able to view the following information:

  • subscriber growth;
  • ERR engagement level;
  • user activity;
  • average number of views of publications;
  • total number of mentions of your channel;
  • the cost of an advertising post.

Connecting your TG channel to this platform and viewing basic metrics is completely free. However, if you are interested in advanced analytics features, you will need a paid subscription.

It is important to remember that some administrators can artificially inflate channel metrics to deceive advertisers. For example, a significant part of your subscribers may not be real people, but bots. Therefore, in order not to waste money on advertising, it is recommended to thoroughly analyze channels on all key parameters.

In conclusion, we want to emphasize that to maximize the effectiveness of Telegram channels analytics, you should use several different tools and constantly combine them, not limiting yourself to one metric.